A Chance To Fly

My wings lie into my sides

Not fully understanding why they have to hide

Don't push me away just yet

You say you fell in love with me

The day we first met

I challenge this abstract feeling

Now I am ready to show that

I am open and willing

Now my wings spread 25 per-cent

I am ready  

To tell my truth and stand in it


The lies, the lies

The lies, you tell

A physical feeling of constant hurt

Won't treat me well

I honor my father

Just to be treated like nothing

Although in his subconscious

I am “something”

Now my wings spread 50 Per-cent

I am ready

To tell my truth and stand in it


Single parent household

However, society says

That I have nothing to show

How dare you judge my mother

Society is…..

So ignorant

So bold

But yet we are supposed to not say much

And just go with the flow

I am intelligent

I am beautiful

No one controls my fate

I have to let them know

Before it's too late

Now my wings spread 75 per-cent

I am ready

To tell my truth and stand in it


I am at the beginning of senior year

Afraid to enter life

Going to college

With my mommy’s


What is wrong

What is right

My chest shall never cave

Because I am a woman of my word

I stand tall and proud

To say


Stepping into a new phase

Ready for any hurdles in my way

Now my wings spread 100 per-cent

I am finally

Telling my truth and standing in it


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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