Change a life to change my life

The yearning in my heart screams be educated, but I must educate
Live but I must teach how to live
Obtain but I must teach how to give
Never look down but uplift.
My job is to give what I never had, live like I never had and love like I never did
I will smile at everyone like I've never known a frown
I will laugh like  I never knew melancholy
I must fulfill the destiny that was placed upon my head
I must fill the void of love, kindness, peace that has been lost in this vast space we occupy
Only God knows the future but I know my job.
The job that us humans are all obligated to work only some clock in.
The world most likely will never smile back at me
The world will most likely laugh at me
The world will most likely let me down, but my efforts will never have gone to ruins
But I do not work for the world, like a mother I work to give a better life then I had
Like a sister I work to show how I got to the triumphs through all of the failures
My job is maybe, just maybe to touch one heart and then all my joyous labor would have been worthwhile.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Keep sharing keep writing! 

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