Change is a Reality


Growing up, change is simple

your shoes, your dress, your drawing

an eraser can fix mistakes on paper,

and soap can fix them on your skin


but neither rubber nor petroleum ever could erase shame


to transition from child to teen to adult knowing

hearing that who you are is not only wrong

but vile


an abomination


those things are permanent, more so than any mark

any stain or stroke of pen

instead it is a stroke of blade

cutting the comfort straight from your core

but change, is a reality


change who you are, no matter how deep it runs

even medicine can change your skin

and if it can change something so genetically physical,

well can’t your mind be changed as well?


You try to tell them it’s never that easy.

If you could change this, this of all things you would

After all a change in you must be easier than changing the world

easier than changing each and every crowded hallway that seems to spawn hatred like a nest of snakes.


Instead of the change they ask for you change other aspects

your shoes, your pants, your painting

those things are easy, they are right

and slowly you realize that

change is a reality


It is not your habits and love that are wrong

but them

the hallways that create rumors and lies

are just as poisonous to themselves as they are to anyone else who falls victim

those snakes will eat their own tail

and consume their own death

Change is a reality

one day people will greet each other like kin

instead of warring kingdoms

and they will not ask you to change

because they will accept you for who you have always been


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