Changes that Last


United States
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On a bus that cold wintery December 1st 1955,
Word caught the wind and the people did thrive.
Could this be? Well of course it could.
From the white folk ever came anything good.

One of their own, a leader for sure,
She had stood before them with strength to endure.
A woman to give up her seat for a man?
But no, she would not stand.

The Woman’s Political Council took their step forward,
And painted their thoughts on to old wooden boards.
This rallied the clergy as they saw the riot.
Not a soul was sure how the white folk would fight it.

King Jr. stepped in and the boycotts continued,
But of course their rallies would forever be argued.
Separate seats on the bus, as well as water fountains too.
What ever happened to being friends, me and you?

A year without violence proved too long,
For the whites pursued King’s house to place a bomb.
This was too far; even their brothers were against them.
The whites cheer civil rights and their brothers condemned.

Since when was the change so near in sight,
That an act to be written assured equal rights.
Finally they could rest at peace and ease
As their families flourished and generations were pleased.

Two great leaders in history influencing their people,
Compelling actions of their own; creating a ripple.
Forever the views of others to be changed
As comforting smiles on streets are exchanged.

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