trapped in my own mind since 11

it was always just me and him 

the night terrors since i was 7

my dark passenger has to win 


he calls him self chaos 

he’s my partner in crime 

he’s taken over my body 

it’s only a matter of time


are you ready to meet him?

for he’ll soon abide in you 

a letter to the innocent 

just run you fool 


he lives in all our hearts 

and calls himself greed 

every-time you look at a neighbour with envy 

you allow him to feed.


he lives inside of our minds 

goes by the name of hate 

every time you get angry 

another victims meets their fate  


he controls all of my actions

doesn’t allow me to smile 

instead i must be quiet

or he’ll take over for a while


please help me escape him 

for he’s taking me over now 

i’m lost in my own mind 

his voice is getting loud.


now i’ve become consumed by his antics 

and lost to my own demise 

so someone send help 

for chaos has arrived.

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