Happiness’ laughter echoes throughout the school halls.

Wearing calming colors of the rainbow;

Spreading joy to everyone in need.


Bravery shows its strength on the field.

In a uniform that’s worn out and torn

Ensuring the safety of others.


Sadness cries out into the night.

With faded colored clothing and tangled up hair

Continuing to wail out all of its sorrows.


Confidence struts up the stairs

Wearing gloves and a top hat;

Absolutely sure of what will go on.


Worry ponders on for hours within their head.

In a grey shirt and grey pants

Trying to see the good and bad in every situation.


Love blushes brightly from its cheeks.

Tugging at its collar from its suit

Trying its best to not make it too obvious.


Innocence smiles gently from within the heart.

Dressed always in Sunday’s best,

Not understanding the evils of the world.


Cleverness reflects off of glasses.

With appropriate business attire

Ready to solve anything that’s in front of them


Anger seeps through the blood of its veins.

Wearing a black leather jacket and ripped jeans,

Who hollers out curses with every breath.


Loneliness sits and waits on the floor

Bundled up in scarves and jackets.

Trying to find some way to stop the coldness of others.

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