A Child's World

With every year growing up I realised that being grown was getting closer. 

Every year new questions would arise.

Why must I live in a growing body when I have these childish eyes.


They asked what do you want to be when you grow up? Of couse I gave a childish answer.

Astronaut, Chef, Firefighter, the answer was different every year,

Until finally the answer was anything but clear.


Now that 9-12 is over I stand at the fork in the road, only this fork has enough prongs to hold up the world.

And just like that my whole world dangles in front of me.

The desicion I make decides if my world will colaspe.


The pressure around me has now made it's way to my chest. 

They want me to search for a passion, but not one of the heart.

They make me search my mind when all that is on my mind now is fear.


They insist that their way is the best.

And if their statements do hold true,

They me why must I see the world from a childs point of view?

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