Chiquitita/ Little Girl

Chiquitita I am sorry

That you are blue and black

That he’s taught you that all you have worth

Is your body

And that you think that you are dumb.

Chiquitita it’s alright to cry

But why do you keep believing his lies?

He’s made a spider web of deceptions

And you are his prey this time.

He gets angry at you

Tells you that you are a good for nothing

That this is for your own good

Y lo se my chiquitita,

I know that you think he’s telling the truth.

Well he’s a smooth liar,

Charming as can be,

You thought he was your sweet prince

But what came out were injuries,

Your wings have been broken

There’s no escaping

At least that’s what you think,

But listen chiquitita

You can follow me tonight

And we can leave before dawn.

He won’t change,

And your skin will turn from white

To Blue

To Black

And finally just a river of red

When he’s done with you.

You know I’ll always be the shoulder you can cry on,

Oh don’t deny the things he does

Un machista,

Eso es lo que el es

Thinking that man have to be tough

And beat up the one they care for.

Listen chiquitita

That’s just not it,

Sure he was probably taught that by his father

His culture

The media,

Boys don’t cry,

Instead they are tough,

They are the providers

And show no emotions.

Sure that might be what he learned

But there’s no helping him,

Pero tu,

But you there is helping,

Just let go of him.


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I am sure you wonder

Why he’s beating you.

That smooth criminal

With eyes perfectly guarded

If I could save a soul tonight

Then you will be the one.

Chiquitita listen to me,

El siempre sera haci,

Just pack your bags

And let’s be gone…

It might be too late next time.

Mi querida chiquitita,

Remember when I told you to run

And you didn’t listen?

Cuando te dije

Time after time

Leave him

But all you kept saying was “He’ll change, he loves me, El es el unico para mi”

Now where are we?

In this black world

Where tears mix

Where it’s too late

And all I can see is the stupid scars,

He abuses you,

And you ignore me

You keep making excuses for him

And where did it get us?

You in a basket,

Me mourning,

People that care about you suffering,

All because it was too late to stop it.

Now you are gone,

I am alone,

Everyone keeps asking me stupid questions

And look at me like I am suppose to know

But I am so tired

And all I want to do is…scream,

Tu memoria sique aqui

Your ghost follows me

Making me wonder why…

Porque no te pude sarbar,

Why I couldn’t save you.

Tu memoria sique aqui

Porque no te pude sarbar


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