The world is an open book.
The chapters are named,
The stories, outlined;
The final chapters, left empty.
Chapter one:
Here we are.
Circumstances handed to us on a silver platter,
Knowledge shoved into our heads.
Most of our choices, given to us.
Here is easy.
Chapter two:
We grow up defining who we are,
Reading in silver coins for friendship,
Thinking that we are masters of philosophy,
But never coming to self-actualization.
Chapter three:
Do we really know what choices are right?
Our do we merely act on the game that is easy?
Chapter four:
Now we choose between:
Fast food industries or sustainability,
Contributing to giant landfills or recycling our waste,
Gaining wealth for us or doing for others,
Joining a gang or joining the piece corps,
Listing excuses or listing accomplishments.
Chapter five:
Knowledge is power but abused.
Chapter six:
Poverty is more than absence of wealth.
Chapter seven:
Bicycles won't get us to where we want to go
If we don't choose to move faster.
Chapter eight:
The world is a pen at our fingertips
but we choose not to write.
Chapter nine:
You have so much potential.
-but potential means nothing if
You don't do anything with it.
Act to react
Put together the puzzles
And fill in the empty pieces with passion.
Judge only after knowing fully.
Chapter 10:
Take this book and hold it close,
The power you hold is only for good,
If you create your own
Marks in bright ink.


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