Civil Rights... What is it?


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Civil rights...
Civil rights?
Civil rights, what is this?

When people say civil rights
Do they know what it means?
Do they know-it's the fight, strife, sacrifice

Ask the people they say:
Martin Luther King

Ask the people they say:
It's that movement Thing

But don't be blinded by the ignorance of people...

Civil rights comes during different eras and sequels

Every color has a movement
Every person has a speech
There are people all over
There is freedom to reach
There are bad things happening
And corruption to be breached

Every person has a story
That if told could teach...

Susan b Anthony
Stokely Carmichael,
Myles Horton
Ida b well...
Elizabeth Peratrovich,
Harvey milk and
Caesar Chavez...

Just a few individuals
You probably didn't know
Helped life go, in the way it should go

No aberration from their paths
No backing down from adversities
Speaking up, acting out
To help people in need

When asked what does civil rights mean....
I tell people this, and then
Ask them something

When wrongdoing is getting done,
What would you do-
What could you do-
To stop what has come?

And if you took even a single second for this...

You just might be the next civil activist.

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