Of Cliches and Croissants

Writing’s a funny thing, really.

A mishmosh of characters all compiled into one crapshoot that we may or may not find pleasing to the eyes and to someone else it may seem utterly disgusting.

disgusting not because we decided to smash together a bunch of gibberish and jargon and call it a day because that’s downright disrespectful to the people who want to make something new

now hear me out because what I’m getting at is the art of the clashing of past and present that doesn’t really make something worth wasting a millisecond of your writing career on because you’ve heard it thousands of repeating times take off the needle from your broken record and just listen to the history repeating

repeat after me because to be or not to be to a man in a frilly victorian suit talking to the disembodied skull is really overdone

like your damn pencil after drying out all the graphite when you’re trying to write something that sounds fresh on the surface but look a bit closer my friend and you’ll see that it’s not what meets the eye probably due to the fact that you’ve seen it millions of times before

time after the clock winds down tick tock

don’t stare at your watch because it’s certainly not at a rolling boil for you to cook those underdone pieces of prose please pause and take a moment to secure that harness and for the uncertain safety of yourself and others keep your extremities inside the vehicle at most times

express those fears in a way that’s not been burnt to a crisp like an overdone croissant when the timer on the metaphorical oven was set for five hundred instead of five and the resulting flame that may or may not burn down the establishment in 5 minutes EST and to that I’ll say to peer through those dry cracks in the earth with your periscope

please see me in Satan’s office and I predict that I probably might see you there, too.

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