Closer and Closer


United States
29° 37' 15.9708" N, 95° 15' 47.592" W

You look delicious. That's your skill. You just sit there, waiting, torturing. You smell fascinating. Oh, so fascinating. I want all of you, all of you. Can you not feel how much I long for you, how much I need you in me? Can you not? I want you, ever so badly. Determination is the only thing keeping me from you. Joyous, delicious food. Waiting to be eaten, to win the war. But I can't. I will
chain my arms together so I can't, won't, eat you. Emptiness is what fills me up. From all of this trouble, there is a goal. One goal I HAVE to reach. I won't give up this war yet. Numbers get smaller. Body gets thinner. I can see the bones! Yes, how I can see them! Almost there I tell myself, almost there. Just a little more.... A little more... Gone.

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