Dull ceilings tiles. 

Air condition is chilly 

Sitting at a table and a chair 

Quiet room 

Sat in a car for an half hour 

Hour long sessions 

Doctor analysis see what is wrong with you 

Test after Test 

A lot of analysis  

Isn’t this fun this? 


A poem a childhood would be like… 

Draw a puppy dog 

Colorful crayons, Drink some juice 

I Love pre-school a lot 

I didn’t get that 

I grew up in doctor’s offices 

They threw in me in with these kids 

That’s when I learned I was different 

They call me retard 

Need to adapt in this environment 

Adopted to be the clown 

Each day feels like a carnival 

Need to entertain the audience 

If I don’t they get concerned 


Trapped inside 

Want to wash off this clown make up and sit in a corner 

Be forgotten and fade into the dust


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