The Color Rainbow

The Color Rainbow-Stella D’Vine

We are all humans.

We are all colors.

We all form part of the color rainbow.

We should all be in different lines to form a rainbow instead of a mix in to create chaos.

We are all humans and being treated equal is something this world needs.

To stop being so egocentrics, to stop being afraid, and to let immaturity and hate be something of the past.

Aren’t we all made of skin?

We are all made to be part of the color rainbow, but the increase of the color grey has blurred our view of the true message.

To accept.

To love.

To be human.

To allow ourselves to expand our value and beliefs.

To allow our minds to explore the path less traveled.

To allow everyone to be the color rainbow and to accept differences and be what we were meant to be: The color rainbow.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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