Color the World With Who You Are

Who am I

They always ask

Who are you?

Who are you?

How am I supposed to know?

I've spent my life as a mirror

Reflecting what everyone wants to see

Wants me to be

How am I supposed to know 

Who I am

When all I've been is who you wanted

I know what roles to play

I know what you want me to be

Maybe that's who I am 

A ghost

A mirror

Only what people want to see

Do I even exist

How do you exist?

Are we really our own people? 

Do we just show what people want to see?

Are we facades?

Reflective surfaces?

The world judges



How are they bad?

Why is it bad to be weird?


The world wants black and white

But what about the vibrant colors

Colors contained within us all

We all are our own colors

That girl- she's a pastel pink

That boy- he's a fiery red

Me- I think I'm a soft purple

Shades of black and white


So boring

I want to see color



The world will judge

But who cares

Why does it matter

We are our own

Nobody else's

Show your colors

Be yourself

There's only one you

And you are beautiful



Let a person be themselves

The world is cold and harsh

But we are not

We are paints inside a can

Color the world

Do not remain gray

So that's who we are 

I guess

We are colors




We are individual colors

No one is the same

But we all compliment and contrast



A collective

I may have been a mirror

But now I am a rainbow

You will not dull my color

And I will be myself

This poem is about: 
Our world


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