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Her hair in neat braids, her frock a stainless white
Gazing at the wispy clouds that curl against a cerulean sky
She approaches the white picket fence and waves hello—
It is 1956.

“Come and play!” she cries to the other girl.
The other girl, whose grass is not as green
Who cannot study in the same school
And cannot swim in the same pool.

They draw the outline in purple chalk,
Select the perfect pearly pebble.
A toss, a number, a few measured hops
And a fit of giggles that fortifies friendship.

Will their generation conquer, will it change the world?
Will they grow arm in arm, side by side?
“Perhaps,” reflects Norma, as she walks briskly past
Pounding the pavement to protest a segregated ride.

For now, they are colorblind; for now, they are pure
Untainted by the conventions of everyday life.
But what color is pure? Is it white, black, or gray?
If only we were all colorblind.

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Imani Sophia

What an interesting thought. I don't think there is such a thing as a pure color. 


This is pretty great.


I love this :) it's so straightforward

Wow, that's beautiful.... I think that's how we poets are often different. I at least, see in words and not colors...

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