Colors of Fear

Colors of Fear


I eye the ground before me

Knowing that the stepping stones that will bring me to my fate

lie beneath the floor boards of the stage


A cloud of smoke appears only when I close my eyes

but fogs my vision when I open them. 

Will I step out to display my colors

the smoke is purple, and suppressive.


I know of nothing but the cloud

it now appears abouve me, when I lay on the tile floor

next to the door that hold my chance of a future


The cloud weighs me down

pinned and helt tight against my fears

I need to be ready to escape when the door opens.

The smoke is black and heavy


I speak but hear no words

Im listening for the response 

Her voice is clear and sweet


I feel no weight 

but the smoke still surrounds me 

Now us, my heart races.

The smoke is red, and passionate


I own a brush

I always have 

The colors for the brush are provided by the smoke


I have to paint

and use the colors to motivate

I design my own surroundings

with the colors of my own fear 






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