The Colors in Your Eyes

I remember the way the stars sparkled
as we drove up the trail.
I remember the clouds that rolled in
while we lay on the grass.
I remember everything about our night on the mountain,
but I can't remember the colors in your eyes.

I remember that you shook my mom's hand
when I first introduced you.
I remember that you teased my twin sister
like only one who belonged could.
I remember everything about those days now past,
but I can't remember the colors in your eyes.

I remember the sweet salt on my tongue
as we swam in the sea.
I remember the warmth of your body
when the cold water became too much.
I remember everything about that beach trip,
but I can't remember the colors in your eyes.

I remember your green v-neck
that made my heart swoon.
I remember your hand in mine
as we walked to nowhere.
I remember everything about what we used to be,
so why can't I remember the colors in your eyes?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

perhaps its because eyes tell alot about a person and u dont notice-who knows
what i do know is that this poem does a great job in allowing the viewers the figure out this mystery
great job-keep writing


This was a great poem. I know writers write to convey their own stories and their own personal views on life. SO, i can not tell anyone what anyone else's poetry is about. but for me, this poem is about how people remember the most important parts of a person when they are in love and they forget things that are, in comparison, insignificant. 


I feel like this poem is saying that there weren't "colors in his eyes" meaning that he was never being sincere. You can't remember something that was never there to begin with.


I love this!


I really like this poem ❤️


Your poem has me all in my feels...but in a good way. I love how you take a break up and express it in a way that all can relate. Your message was displayed very well through imagery and diction. Love this poem and I pray that you can remember the eyes of the next person that will be meant for you. Keep writing on my friend :) !!!

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