Coming Out

I haven’t told my mother yet

Not because I think she’ll be upset but

Because my brother came out a year ago

And she’ll think I’m faking it for attention


When I told my grandmother

Because she outright asked me -

“You’re not gay, are you?

She asked if I was sure,

And how did I know I didn’t just want to be friends with girls?


When I told my dad  

Because I’m his favorite

He said he wished my brother and I would lead “normal” lifestyles

But that he would rather

“Deal with this” than lose us

But I guess that’s the best I could have hoped for

Especially coming from him


I know they love me

And want what’s best for me but

I still wish I could skip this whole thing

And show up one day with my girlfriend

Or maybe even my wife someday

And not have it be a Big Deal


But for now I’m just hanging out in the closet

Because at least I know what’s in here


This poem is about: 
My family
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Wow... That last line gave me chills- i'm sorry about your situation, i've been there before. But do trust me when i say this: It gets better.

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