The common questions

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Why did they do it?
What was truly in their hearts?
Why did it become the norm?
Many questions still linger about “why”
Why any man would discriminate another
Why one man couldn’t be equal to another
No matter their look, accent, taste
Yet one man decided to change this norm
Yes, we all know him
The doctor, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.
A man of God and a man with a dream
The dream that all men can live equally
The dream that answered all the questions
His dream inspired us all
His dream inspired a nation
And to this day he is still remembered
Not because of him as a man
But because of what he passively fought for
The equality of man
For Civil Rights

Yet I come back to my thoughts
Back to the recollection of what has been on my mind
My questions were not for why man “used” to judge
But as to why we “Still are” stuck in this rut
The rut of Racism
The rut of judging by looks
Or by what we individually deem worthy
By law, we successfully ended segregation
But did we end it in the hearts of man?
Before any one questions this, ill give you an answer
Now is it common to see diverse colors out in public
Is the mixing of ethnicities together in one country looked down upon?
So why do I question things?
Is it because I constantly still see it
How many of us push the limits on what is funny
Or how others still gang together by race
Putting a bad reputation on what Civil Rights stood for
The equality of man
Maybe it’s because I’m young and am only surrounded by the immature
Or perhaps I am exaggerating the common notion
Either way, the only thing I still see remain constant
Is not the works of any “one” man
But what the works were for
The dream
The Equality
The goal reached that if we soon forget
Will only be the downfall of us once again

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