You’ve been skating through love
You must be on a hunt to Enjoi
Giving away all the free hugs,
Playing with my heart like a toy,
Keeping yourself warm like a mug
I want to feel your lips like a cup.

I want to feel you and feel joy.
The only way we’re going is up.
I would never try to control
you because you’re uncontrollable
I love you because you’re bold
I just want you to hold me,
and I want to be there to hold you
All those other loves were elementary
You and I are more complementary.

I know you well, just like a wishing well
knows some loose change.
I’m sure it hurt from heaven when you fell.
For your love, I’d arrange
and I’m not the type to sort my stuff.
For our love, there’s no range.

The way you say my name makes me
want to go off like a gun.
I want to see how you’d love fully
It would be so much fun.


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