Computerized Baby


Here to tell you all that we’re all computerized,

Screens are friends, cameras eyes,

My whole generations so syn-chro-nized,

Never lived a day without computers in our lives,

The day we were born, we watched tv,

That’s where we stayed till we went out in the street,

Got a little older, now we play games,

And that’s where some stayed and now there remains,

Too many overweight kiddies,

so many girls in the world done messaged the kitty,

it’s a new age wit, no pri-vi-cy,

if the world interested then they gon' see,

whatever they after, got it,

getting worse every single day not a man can stop it,

put down the phones, hell to the no,

x box one give it to me i'm a pro,

twitter done made way too much money,

cause people waste time being online funny,

and I ain't above, the rest of the curve,

got an account, the apps absurd,

I'll be checking it even though I don’t care about,

Any single thing that I seen on there,

Sports inspiration, updates about, people that I honestly, don’t know about,

girls in tights all the guys be staring, don’t get bait like AJ McCarron,

I think well all be, blind by 43,

Singing like Stevie, superstitious me,

Look at the real world, so hd,

A bird or a plane or a fish or a tree,

Yeah, I was a computerized baby I was born,


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