conquering the bully...

Footsteps stipple down the hall.

His eyes are cast downward, following the lines of passing judgment.

The hums of  the bees rumble.

He crouches to escape the stings.

And as his laces hit the pavement, snickers ring ring ring.


The bullies march forward.

They laugh at his composure.

"Ignore." he said. "Ignore."....

Just ignore and it will soon be over.


Ten minutes pass in agnony.

Tears streaming down his face.

"Am I really not worth it? Am i surely what they say?"

His mind clutters with doubt.

And his heart races in  pain.

No one sees his hurting. Ha! Would they even care?


Perking up his glasses. 

And raising his head,

He tried his best to conquer.

With quivering lips, and battered lashes.

Fighting back the river tears...inching their way forward.


But as he took one daring step.

A back hand swept him staggering.

He almost gave up, but courage kept him smiling.



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