I think the best thing you can learn

is that your actions have consequences.

And it would be easier to curl up into a cold ball of isolationism

but that has consequences too.

Like your friends getting mad at you for being too depressed.

Adn getting frustrated when someone you care about is looking for love in all the wrong places.

I'm sorry.

They're the only places that are open right now

Because it's 1 am but humans need 8 positive touches a day

You could argue that these aren't positive but they sure do feel good.

Until daylight.

Until the sun casts its glow on the handprints on my skin

Until it burns my lips for the kisses it gives.

And I claim I do it in freedom.


I'm trying to bury your memory in their touch

but when I'm alone the empty parts of my heart yearn to be filled and

it hurts



I want it to stop.

I don't want to feel anything again.

I don't want to admit you broke my heart.

I want us to be okay I want to be friends

But mostly I want to be with you again


But our actions have consequences.

I have yet to learn.

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