Controversial Depression

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 20:47 -- pita12


United States
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It has began.
Everyday she awakens,
each time with more regret,
nothing can keep her happy,
but everything makes her upset.

It is unbelievable.
Nothing ever made her squirm,
she smiled every chance she had,
her past was left behind,
her future just another term.

It will continue.
Her screams in the night,
the fright in her young doe eyes,
every smile turned upside down,
life oozing slowly through her cries.

It never fails.
Memories which were hidden,
secrets that were brought to the light,
every source of happiness blackened,
her entire body gone cold.

Its gone.
Her memories forgotten,
happiness just another word,
soul damaged and crushed,
death being her only dream.

It begins again.
Life has a strong power,
allowing others to turn and look,
it makes every action matter,
makes one want to get ahead.

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