Cracks on glass skin

I am a glass doll with many faces.

Cracks line my body,

Hate and self-pity are

Carved into my chipping paint.


My pale skin is faded and patchy,

raggedy hair from time unkempt,   

stitches hid under my false appearance,

But you wouldn't know that.


All you see is my painted smile on my rosy lips,

My strong legs as I stand with grace.

The want to protect everyone in my motherly eyes,

because you haven't seen me.


At my worst, I hid my tears till I'm alone

I stitch myself back together

My legs are filled with a history of heartache

My cracks are fixed with determination


I carry my collation faces with me everywhere I go

Ready to hide away

To show the face everyone expects to see

So I may buy time to heal


To become the woman I dream to be,

To forget the little girl was.

No longer dealing with bulls in my glass heart.

In time I’ll heal


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