The Creator's Manifesto


To me, ART has boundaries. It must

Be more than expressive ugliness or even sheer beauty. The purest ART holds

An ability to swiftly, discretely, completely arrest its viewer, transforming his eyes into those of the

Artist, if only for an instant. It

Is in this limbo between reality and perception that ART can leave a chip on the soul.

To be an artist who can make this kind of work is my life’s ambition. I want my ART to

Give anyone, including myself, reason to say: “I see

Sense now, where there was none before.” For the colors and lines and forms (and lack of)

To be so perfectly imperfect that anything different is unimaginable.

A when we are scared and confused it is often easier to embrace the 

Senseless as a way to fake our own security. But, I wish my ART to offer peace in a 

World that exalts and revels in chaos. ART that shows beauty in the face of doubt

And refuses to conform to the ugliness that is its new precedent. With this belief I

Live and create my art, although it is easy for me to forget both in life and my work. Even

After thousands of years, has ART really changed? In spite of 

All our developments and civilization, the human spirit still searches for meaning above all

Else. ART that stands any chance against the unforgiving test of time

Has to act as a communicator, facilitator, medium, between our simple minds and higher thought. To have

Passed for a fleeting moment, into another state of being. ART takes the viewer

Away from misunderstanding into knowledge.


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