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A Cursed Love

A dance of death

Two lovers stuck in a trance

Their hearts were forbidden

But they chose to walk the tightrope of chance


Once happy

Seeing each other from afar

Now in despair

Only inches apart


What curse could cause such misery

Only a witch with a black heart

Could cast a spell so wretchedly terrible

To freeze, in time, Cupid's dart


The witch was very bitter

Being wrongfully accused

Of aiding a traitorous victim

And putting her powers to misuse


She cried in a loud voice

Upsetting the king's heart

"Your heir can never kiss his true love

Lest they be frozen apart!"


The curse was felt in the queen's womb

Her newborn son was now affected

A storm brewed as the king's anger grew

And the witch was forcefully ejected


The queen grew weary of worry

She died while giving birth

The king, in agony, raised the child alone

Making sure the son heard the frightful curse


Over time the curse was forgotten

As the child grew into a man

He was handsome and sweet and started to fall

For an equally beautiful woman


He courted her both night and day

Sending flowers and thoughtful gifts

She also started to fall in love

And one night they met on Lovers Cliff


We know the fateful cause

That kept these two lovers distanced

And they ruined a good thing

By choosing not to listen


After he courted her with sweet poems

And soft music was heard from the town

She looked into his eyes and he in hers

As the distance between their lips was shortened now


A soft and warm kiss

Was placed upon her lips so fair

Beams of light then shone from their skin

As the curse ripped them apart in despair


Their faces were so close

As the magic engulfed them whole

They couldn't move a muscle

As the lovers paid the witches toll


Such an agonizing pain

Of seeing the one you love

Being so close you could feel his breath

But being as far as the stars above


Never to break the chains again

They waltzed the dance of death

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