Daddy's Little Girl

Things had been bad for quite a while

No one really ever smiled.

One night things got out of hand

And it all started with just one man.


Mama said we should go to bed

At Grandma's house for the night.

her face turned red as she slowly said,

"There's going to be a bad fight."


We were sent to the car as her friend said goodbye

She thought we could beat him out.

But then he came down the drive like he was going to die

Got out, and started to shout.


He ran to the house, knocked on the door

That's when we wanted to run.

Mom had seen also and was hiding on the floor

He'd brought with him a gun.


He came up to the car and on the window was knocking

Thinking he could fool us.

The cops showed up and I knew it was stopping

He's a man I'll never again trust.


Many years later I saw him again

I could tell he was a different man.

Though I was only ten, I knew it then

This man was not my dad.


He said I was still his whole world

That he loved every blonde curl.

But how could he do that to his little girl?


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This reminds me of a movie on lifetime movie network.


Your rhymes are nice and your poem's story-like.

Be strong! =)

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