Your eyes still hold me captive

Your gaze is something that I cannot forget

As your turquoise eyes mystify me.


They are beautiful and wondrous,

As your personality shows

Forever the thought of you will occupy my mind


There is something about you

That will not stop running through my head

It captures my heart

And makes it flutter uncontrollably


Will I ever get you out of my mind?

The thought of you

The image of you

I hope not, for you give me hope and happiness

Still to this day


I do not know how I will survive

Without being in your arms

How I will function

Without your lips on mine

The warmth of your body

And the comfort in your words

Shelter me from myself and the real world


My darling Dakota

Your name alone

Makes my stomach flip in happiness

Sometimes just the thought of you

Causes me to feel nervous

Like I am going to throw up

Just because the butterflies in my stomach

are so strong


How can I deal with this misery?

Ah, It is fine

Because although sickening it is joyful

Because it is love I see

Love – that causes one to feel so strongly

That they feel sick being away from their loved one


You are my loved one

You are my friend

You are my everything

And will be until the end

For you introduce positivity into my life

And cause me to be

Something I never thought I could achieve.


Thank you for your love

Thank you for your grace

Introducing me to your embrace

The memories are burned

Within my mind

And my darling Dakota,

I will never say Goodbye.  

-          Reagan Craig