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Wed, 01/28/2015 - 10:34 -- MLE

She moves like a feather

That twirls with the breeze,

So she can abate her bad memories

And set her soul at ease.


It is how she handles it all

It may seem arcane

But those who understand

Know that it defers her pain.


And as her anger is released,

Her elation augments.

She overflows with emotion

Each second, time well spent.


Her lithe body billows

As it contours to the sound

The lyrics become her oxygen

This makes her world go round.


She breathes it all in

While never missing a beat

Her limbs travel abstrusely;

Narrating her story with her feet.


As the music concludes

A new chapter begins

She breathes in satisfied breaths.

Her lips in a slight grin


She immerges from her fantasy

Feeling rather victorious

To say that her troubles remain

Would be absolutely erroneous.


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