Dancing in May

The sea meets the sand

 Where there is but one strand

 The light of the suns effervescent

 On the lands where we were well met

 I saw you and I loved you then


Beneath the green leaves of a palm

 You read to me and your word were like a balm

 They healed my wounds

 My preconceived notions you would rend

 You made me see my beauty


I was made malleable by your hands

 You and I we lived in the lands

 Where elves walked and dragons soared

 We just wanted to see more

 Each other, the world it did not matter


You and I we sere besotted

 We stood under the stars, mottled

 Under the snowflakes we hid the tears

 We were meant to say goodbye for fate tears

 Lovers from being hand in hand


But there was a day

 In Early May

 The date of my birth to be precise

 We talked in a manner quite concise

 Once again our love bloomed


Fate’s tapestry was torn

 And sewn anew by the next morn

 In your arms I will stay

 Until there is no more late Mays

 Until I draw my last breath


My love, I give you my heart and soul to protect as you have done so well

 And to you I return your goodness as we return to the well

 From whence we became friends and lovers

 We will dance in the clovers

 And be together for all of time.


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