The Dark

I've always been here, if you needed me.
Although you never even noticed my prescence. 
But now I've faded into the dark. 
So imprisoned I began to fear the light.
I've felt useless and unwanted,
Worthless and forgotten for far too long.
And though these feelings seem right,
I've never been so blind to truth.
I've enjoyed others company, and in turn 
I have begun to understand my blindness.
I've witnessed love and joy, 
seen laughter so great that tears grew.
I feel my heart beating again, 
There is a reason to live.
Strangley living is not the reason.
Having a life filled with love and happiness is.
When something makes you feel worthless,
Don't let the darkness enclose your sight.
The key to seeing is comprehending love.
There are many wonderous things in the light.


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