The darkness in her eyes


The girl you see before you is nothing more then an illusion

Cast by a strong and powerful magican. 

The real girl is hidden,

Hidden beyond the darkness of her eyes. 

There's a reason she hides in shadows.

She's there to hide her story,

She's there to hide her weakness.

No one can see them,

and no one will reveal them. 

She is fragile and she is weak,

She will break with only a mere flick. 

But on the outside,

She stands firm with a bored look on her face. 

Nothing can hurt her, 

and nothing can break her.

But if you look close enough,

in the darkness of her eyes,

you will see her,

the girl she tries so hard to hide. 

the fraigle bud of a flower who needs the sun to survive. 




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