The sunlight sneaks in through the window and dashes over to me
And pulls my eyelids open to look around in familiar confusion
I stretch out and pull the covers over my head and eye my hands 
as I squeeze my blanket and think back the word, "duvet"
It means comfort, quite literally.
But its only a blanket.
I roll onto my back and stare up at my ceiling to think.
What time is it? Has anyone called me?
What day is it? When did I get to bed?
Do I have to leave? What am I to do today?
I fumble around and feel for my phone, its somewhere
Lost in the sheets with me, I wish you were here too.
But maybe you messaged me in the middle of the night,
You always do.
I hear my brother's alarm in the next room and remember
A conversation we'd had late the night prior to this morning
We discussed the future, my going to college, if I'd even like to
He looked at me firmly and advised adamantly,
"Follow your dreams."
So I fell back asleep.



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