Dear Anger

Dear Anger,

You tear away at the best of me

Cloud my eyes and all I see is you

Nothing else in front of me comes through

You are the demon inside of me

Ruining the love I found

Shoving him to the ground

I yell, I scream, but for what reason?

How can it be that I can’t see him?

It’s you, anger, the snake that you are

You wrap yourself around my heart

You come back with memories

Triggers I forgot I had

From the loss of my absent dad

You find my fears and turn them into you

I beat myself until I’m black and blue

And I’m losing him as I fight against you

Because how can he understand?

That you are just a manifestation

A creation made by my depression

So go away and leave us be

Don’t do it just for me

Do it for the man who loves me

Despite the effect you have on me

I plead that you uncoil from my heart

Stop tearing my life, my love, my world apart

Retreat from my life and set me free

Only then can I truly be me.



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I can relate so much to this poem wow. Very nice.


Thank you!

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