Dear Best Friend

Life in a Letter Scholarship
Submitted by: Deirdre Stephens

Dear Best Friend,
Once we were inseparable, always together.
We imagined our friendship would last forever.
Goodbyes never came to mind,
We were friends until the end of time.

Through the years we constantly fought,
It was worse than I had thought.
Both of us have said very nasty words,
All of which can never be unheard.

I’m sorry for what I have said and done,
However this is a fight you have not won.
You always played the victim and you were sly,
You always were spreading rumors and hurtful lies.
All of your words were rough and rude,
Never would I have imagined you to be so crude.

I kept quiet and didn’t want to keep up the fight,
Saying all those nasty things didn’t play out to be right.
I didn’t see the point in trying to hurt you anymore than I had,
Yet you did more damage because you were more than mad.
You think you were the only one, who had been done wrong,
Yet I was still trying to stay strong.

You always were mean to those who were nice and kind,
I still wonder to this day what thoughts go through your mind.
What made you so cold and cruel?
Did you only bully others to appear to be cool?
Whatever your motive was it was wrong all the way,
Now will you ever take back the words I heard you say?

You always held me against my decisions no matter how simple and dumb,
Your way of putting things left people feeling cold and numb.
That’s how much your words cut and stung,
I suppose you thought it was all part of some game, some fun.

To this day your words still haunt and hurt me,
Now you know and now that is what you see.
However it’s too late now, your apologies mean nothing to me today.
If you asked me to be your friend again, “No way”, I would say.

I know I hurt you and I really wish it could be taken back,
I know my actions and words stuck to you like a tack.
I never meant to hurt you in any way,
All of these words I mean to say.

You hurt me more than I hurt you,
I just wish you saw it earlier to be true.
I didn’t have a choice but to walk away and leave,
However I don’t regret it nor will I grieve.
I’m much happier now and I assume you are too,
Despite the fact we were once stuck together like Gorilla Glue.

With this I bid you my last and final goodbye,
No longer will you lie and make me cry.
I’m done with the hurt and the pain,
I’m through feeling hurt and stuck in the rain.
My life is happier without you burdening me any longer,
Once I walked away I became stronger.
I became stronger than you, stronger than you could believe,
It happened once I made my decision to leave.

Goodbye my sister, my old best friend,
I’m sorry to say that we didn’t make it until the end.
We put up with each other through the good and the bad,
Possibly the best friends anyone could ever have.
It’s hard to accept our friendship went stale,
Yet life never always turns out to be the perfect fairytale.
I wish you the best the very best in your life don’t get me wrong,
Somehow I knew we wouldn’t always get along.
Good luck with everything you will ever achieve,
Follow your dreams and they will be achieved.
Now I must go my old friend,
For now you have reached the end.
This letter is done; I have said my part.
Here is where we will now always be apart.
Goodbye old best friend,
We had fun, but now, this is the end.

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