Dear Bubble Tea

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 16:13 -- Nhesler

Dear and belovèd bubble tea

And your obsidian pearls, black and buttery,

You've oft bequeathèd unto me

Foamy frigates upon percolating green seas.

Rich jade befogs a balmy troupe

Of motley marbles shipwrecked in the soup

Wherein bellows beluga fruit.

The tropical and spicèd peachy loot,

A flotsam adrift matcha zest,

Itself atop the cubes of frosty, glacial crests,

Makes this orange ginger feel most bless'd,

And makes his pickled ginger skin do well on tests.

Vouchsafe me verdant, pearly bliss,

And through the buxom straw deliver your warm kiss.

Culpable, this pirate dare not miss

One drop.

Your forever connoisseur,

Sincerely, Nolan

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