Dear Bully

Dear bully,


You control every little dynamic of my life

and have consumed my thoughts inside my brain.

You make me feel like the greatest burden in the world

and I am the one to blame for my existence.

I can’t take it anymore

I feel insane

and please don’t neglect my feelings.


I am tired of being in the center of your harsh ways

I can no longer be the victim of your fun.


I hope you are happy now, you WON.


When will my suffering end

you are pushing me over the edge.

I feel like I am caught up in this wave of your negativity

I can no longer breathe

I am battling so hard to keep my head up

but I am drowning in this sea.


Can you at least tell me why I am deserving of your cruel comments?

Why do you feel the need to make me feel so small and ashamed in front of everyone?

Are you trying to make me feel bad?


Because it is too late I already hate myself

and because of you I no longer feel safe.

When I walk down the hallways

I can feel my heart race and the blood rush to my face.

You make it very easy for me to understand that I don’t belong in this place.

I am constantly terrified

not knowing what is going to come my way

I live afraid


How do you live knowing that you make me feel this way?

How deranged for you to continue to think you are great?

I guess you are completely driven by negativity and hate.

I may be weak

but you find enjoyment from watching people suffer.


What does that say about you?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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