Dear Cancer


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Dear Grandpa,

Doc said your lungs were black

Probably from those sticks you put to your lips

We warned you and so did the packages

But you chose to ignore us

Now you’re suffering the consequences

With a chronic cough and pain

You’ve not only lost your appetite for food

But for time spent with loved ones as well


Dear Grandma,

I went to your house to visit

I didn’t have any other plans

You sat me down to talk

And gently held my hand

You said not be afraid

That everything would be fine

But they diagnosed you,

And this the second time

First it was in your chest

the next was on your skin

This isn’t a silly game

You fight or you get pinned


Dear Mom,

You’d been sick for a while,

you never told us for fear we’d cry

But mom you should have said something

It would have helped us by

You told us you didn’t feel well

And the trips you took for work

But we knew you went to the doctor

You can’t hide us from the hurt


Dear little brother,

They said they found a tumor

Mom called me on the phone

You said you didn’t want to talk about it

So I left you alone

I know that it was scary

You’re laughter became quiet

I let you know I was there to talk

But you refused to buy it


Dear Friend,

You left us all too soon

I still wear you on my wrist

It’s still hard when we hear your name

God you’re really missed

I want to send a message

One that’s not hard to read

I want to personally thank everyone

For listening to me speak

The saddest part of it is

Your time on earth was cut short

We tried to keep you safe

In your tiny pillow fort


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My family
My community


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