Dear Dr. King


United States

Rest in tranquility because your sacrifices have planted seeds and born fruit beyond compare.

Thank you for your valiancy and inspiration.  

Thank you for your altruism, stoutheartedness, leadership, and I have a Dream Speech

I optate to thank you for your ability of bringing African Americans and Caucasians together.

Today, we are now able to visually examine an

African American lead a National football team such as Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.

I withal want to thank you for incentivizing other liberation fighters such as yourself for making a better place.

Now we are able to attend programs such as Liberation School which gives us the chance to better ourselves and our inculcation.

I will relish to thank you for my family being responsible and reverent.

With that being verbalized,

I would relish to thank you again for everything

You did for the African American race because it is genuinely appreciated.

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