Dear Earth

Dear Earth:


I know you and your friend, Mother Nature,

have been through a lot.

I know we don’t make it any easier.

I know you are getting sicker and sicker.


I know the fault is ours.

It must not be easy.

You are the strongest and bravest person I know.


I admire you.


You never give up and I thank you for that.

I want you to know that there are people that do care.

Even though, you may think otherwise.


Most people are so focus on themselves

that don’t see what is around them

but I know that you are suffering.

I can see it through your acts.


I think is so unfair how they don’t care

about all the efforts that you make.

And don’t even thank you

when you are the one that gives them shelter.


I understand that you are mad.

Who wouldn’t feel like that?

You give us everything

and we pay you with indifference.


I can see how you shiver from fear through earthquakes

I can see your crying turn into rain.

I can see your anger through hurricanes and tornados.

I can see your frustration through thunders.

I can see how you express your emotions


I understand that is not your fault

what your emotions can cause.

It is ours for all the suffering we’ve done.

But I also can see your love towards us.


I see your love.


When I look at the sky and see the sunrise.

In the way you hug us with the breeze.

I understand and I want you to know that I’m here for you

and I promise you that I’ll do everything in my power

to take care of you and encourage other to do the same.




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