Dear Father

 father,I was gonna read you this letter,But I don't want to anymore I'll rather read from my heartfather,The only father that's been there for this familyThe only father that I've known  I gotta tell you something I ain't about to sugarcoat this either I gotta be real with you   because time are changing changing back into 1909 I'm afraid to tell You that What you though of this amazing melting pot, the place we came to run away from our poverty, is also the place that might take you from them, her, me This frightens me because your sons might loose you at the ages of 10 and 2  Father your the one thing my brothers might not see within the next few year, months, maybe days where will you be when your sons 5 ?Will you be here or what we use to call home a decade ago?I wouldn't call it home anymore...I remember the stories you told me on how we struggled back then Father you know your sons they'll be in tears down on their knees if you end up disappearing like a ghost But you know you ain't a ghost And I don't want to see you disappear like one either...This ain't no jokeThis is real lifeI pray for you sometimes I pray and pray to this God I gave up on a long time ago that you won't end up getting taken  Dad these days are different More chaos and hatred It's more of a struggle now then it use to be I'm reminiscing those days that it wasn't this hardThose more simpler days That all it took was my ABC's to understand That we were accepted no matter who we were Where it didn't take much to understand this world  Dear father,The only father that's been there these last 17 yearsYou told me I'm not a boy anymore That I gotta mature faster But I don't want the burden of telling your sons why you left And I don't want the burden of telling them why they have to see you only through a camera screen Dad I know we aren't the first you left I know the story of my half-sister and how you left her for usI don't want you to leave us I'm not ready for that If this is the last time I ever seen youI just want to let you know what you mean to me and what you done for me 

This poem is about: 
My family