Dear Future Generations

Sun, 11/26/2017 - 11:23 -- m0n1

Future generations, 

Hear me loud and clear when I say this:

Please don't be selfish, 

Don't dismiss 

The pain of others, nor their anguish.

Don't dismiss

The needs of the homeless

For even though they have a heart, 

They don't know where home is.

Just by caring, is a start. 

Future generations,

Let's not spread hate- 

The infectious disease that of suicide, 

Raises the rate. 


Let's take the reigns of racism

And stop the violent protests,

Because no problem is ever solved by a misconstrued schism. 

Rather, Future Generation, 

Embrace one another as brother embraces sister

And accept that you're all alike in that you are different. 



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Our world


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