Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,  There is a path you'll want to see. And yea it starts with meFor 15 year we been hiding in the sheets and at 16 we went free.Can't say it's not great, can't say there was no painBut as time went it was all just a gameFreshmen year was when you knew it, that being straight wasn't in youScared to tell your mother so you hind it and kept denying itDays go by and then weeks and months, Hey now we are in a slump  You have lost your love ones day in and day outTrying to find words and not to shoutThe day comes to tell you mother, scared under the coversScared of being denied and unwanted You feel a pain deep in your stomach It's time to face the fact, so you stop being a brat You tell her the truth and let her know this is youBut to your surprise she still loves youSo before you go changing yourself, and making everyone else happyRemember your mother loves you, straight or gay It's one more thing I want to sayLive your life, the gay way                                                                                  Love Always,                                                                                                Me 

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