Dear Heroin Epidemic

Dear Heroin Epidemic,


The lives being claimed, are ever climbing

At once just a few, now overwhelming.

Not just friends, not just family,

It’s strangers, it’s neighbors, it’s everyone.

I never thought you would affect me

And I suppose you didn't

But you hit my small town

Devastating it like a tornado in a crop field

Your vortex pulling in people around me

Everything being left in ruins

And now nothing is quite the same.

Not only did you hit my town, you hit my home,

My brother, the one targeted

It was like one day everything changed

The lies started, and seemed to never end.

You left my family in shambles

Like an abandoned house with boarded windows

Since then, nothing being normal

All trust crumbling along with the buildings around us

We never got a warning for this tornado.

You were never just a needle, you were a natural disaster.


-Sincerely, Somebody’s Sister


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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