Dear Jon,

          Winter is leaving soon- are you prepared for spring?

Another year has flown by- not ready to slow down.

They say a new year another chance- a new year filled with opportunities.

Somehow this year made it seem there is no hope- people fill with hate- cold hearted.

The rise of Tyrants demanding fear-  like the soulless creatures they are.

Yet a bit of light is still there- gleam of light shines.

However, this dim of light barely visible- the possibility of hope remains.

Our generations may bring this balance-into grey.

Hopefully, these people with flashlights may be open minded- warm-hearted beings.

This gleam of light does not necessary mean world peace- nor mean equality.

People with power may have the potential to do good in our world- yet it is the little things that may bring:  joy, comfort, and love.

My gleam of light will be you- in this dark world.

This blessing- I am fortunate to be part of your life. 

You said, “You’re my priority”.

It is rare to find such love- for our light will shine bright in this hell!

I will do whatever means necessary- within my power, to let no devil take you away from me!

Even if this Tyrant is- “Chief Executive”.

This Tyrant can try- but he will be too late.

For I will go down in one knee and ask you- “Will You Marry Me?”.


Your Beau.

Sergio G Alvarez-Calderon

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world



The only thing i want to say is no matter whom you in love with no one can take that away.