Dear Me

Dear Me,


Dear beautiful,









From the you who is terrified and scared and anxious

And so undoubtedly


Thank you for reminding me how to breathe.

When I was obsessed with my fear of the future--

Scared that I wasn’t doing enough,

Scared that I wasn’t

Being enough.

Scared of my routinely way of living,

That I wasn’t living



Thank you,

For straightening out my back.

Showing me how to look at today

Instead of tomorrow

And for showing me how to cherish

The me that is living now.


From the you who stands in front of the mirror everyday

Judging every stray hair

Every off putting detail,

Every second spent hating yourself.

I sincerely tell you--

I love your crooked teeth,

The blemishes on your face,

The bones that peek out.

For there is beauty between your bones,

And strength in your poise.

There is resolve in your steps,

And a type of grace,

That only you achieve

When you smile that crooked smile.


From the you who tries her hardest,

And sometimes it isn’t enough,

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart

For continuing to try harder,

Thank you.

For being both the doctor and the patient,

Thank you.


Dear Me,

From the you whom you did not expect this heartfelt letter from,

I hope you yourself

Find the courage and strength

That is needed to carry the both of us.

I hope you remember

Your motivation

When you are feeling at your lowest.

I hope you

Think back to the hands that have held you--

That catch you when you are ready

To come home.


But most of all,

I hope you don’t forget

That there are those who believe in you,

When you don’t even think to look

And that there is no greater expectation you think of

Than the one you’ve put upon yourself.

So thank you--


From the you who loves you more than anyone else

And will continue to adore and cheer you on,

Thank you

For doing your best.


Yours truly.


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