Dear Past

Dear Past,


           If I were you, I would stop approaching  all out of the blue. Like a gust of wind, you suddenly appear.. Believe me I do not think you  want to disturb your life; But you are like a ghost.  


If I were you past, sometimes, I would be cold and sometimes hot. Sometimes  I would let people think of me and smile. But again, I understand that you are like a ghost and not here for my waves of loneliness.

If I were you past like a wave, I would have my summits and my lows.  I would want to not be afraid of you, but you can be a  bad friend. As a bad friend, you sometimes get into my  head like vines and slowly take control of my present.


If I were you past, like the sun I would have kissed your cheeks, and like a storm I would have taken over your head. Like lightning, I would shock you with a lot of emotion. It may be that there are oceans between us. But I am really selfish and can frequently pay you a visit.

Look, if I were you past,  I would let people free. I would let people enjoy what's left. I would just want you to climb on my roller coaster and take my turns not yours.

My friend, you should be sorry for what you have done to me. I don’t mean what I said entirely in the fourth paragraph that’s cruel. But that is what you do to me.  I know the future will have adventures for me and new memories. Until then... follow me I guess.Let me learn from you and cherish you.

                 Much love and hate for you past,

                                   Fatoumata K Diakité



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