Dear Peter Pan,


United States
25° 31' 23.6604" N, 80° 22' 37.2" W

Kiddnap me...
Lift me away, far far away
I want to be lost and never found
Shhh don't tell a soul
The secret place of my hearts desire

Steal away in to the night
To the dwelling of my dreams
There reality is but a dream
Or a nightmare...?
That matters not, it no longer is...

Lets go some place nice
Where things never change
Where the adventure never ends
Where there there are no responsibilities
Where 'adults' don't exist

A place where
Every one is always okay,
The bad guys always lose,
The people you love are,
and always by your side
never apart.
Everyday is a happy day,
Always, always, always...

Kidnap me... Please?
I want to go to never land


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